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The Lineup for 2011

Every Friday Living Traditions Productions will release the names of two participating teams. So make sure to check back often to find out who will be joining us on this celebration.

The members of Living Traditions Productions would like to thank all teams for committing their time, effort, and talents to participate in BPX II. This event is not about highlighting the biggest teams, the best teams, or the most well known teams; it is about the art and tradition of Lion Dancing itself. It is about celebrating the rich culture and diversity of the art while honoring the individuals who continue to uphold this tradition. Whether they are full-time students, full-time workers, or simply a full schedule, all BPX participants, young and old, are devoting a portion of their lives to maintaining this art. If we stand united by respecting one another’s abilities and traditions, then there is no telling what the future of this great art will be.

Yau Kung Moon | Beyond The Pride Lion Dance Xhibition 2011

Yau Kung Moon originated in the Tang Dynasty (800 AD) by Ding Yang, a monk of the Shaolin Temple; teaching physical attributes as well as mental awareness, inner confidence, and tranquilities of basic Shaolin philosophy. In 1960's, Great Grandmaster Ha Kwok Cheung's top disciples, Grandmaster Wong Cheung and Wan Tak Kee immigrated to the United States from Hong Kong to established YKM and brought the fame of YKM Kung Fu and lion dancing to the US shores. Grandmaster Wong created 2 disciples in master Lok Sang Lee & Michael Lau, who in turn appointed sifu Susan Yee and Richard Ow to help grow the YKM Association.

Kim Giam Ho | Beyond The Pride Lion Dance Xhibition 2011

We are the San Diego Legendary Lion Dance Association based out of San Diego, CA. We are a non-profit organization based in San Diego, Ca. We been around since 2000, and are still a Young, and Growing Team. We teach Martial Arts as well as lion dance and stress the importance of being a family and trusting one another. A person must have a strong internal if he or she wishes to grow into a successful person.

The Immortals Lion Dance | Beyond The Pride Lion Dance Xhibition 2011

In the early 1960's, Jeff Chan informally established the "Chinese Lion Dancers of Los Angeles." He was the first person to start his own group not tied to a family association or Gung Fu school. In 1978, the group adopted the name "Immortals" based on the Chinese folklore of the 'Eight Immortals'. Today, the Immortals continue the traditions established by the elder members to promote awareness of the Chinese culture through their performances.

Kim Giam Ho | Beyond The Pride Lion Dance Xhibition 2011

Doan Lan Kim Giam Ho was established in 2007 by a group of close friends who all expressed a love for the dance. Our team name, Kim Giam Ho translated into Golden Guardians in English, was carefully selected to represent our willingness to help those in need and also to protect our culture. Our other goals include promoting lion dance as a form of entertainment and also as a healthy activity for people of all ages. Through the years, we've overcome many hardships to build the team from scratch while living up to the team name. With each passing years, we continue to pursue our dreams of becoming better lion dancers and better people; we are not only a team, we are family.

Teng Fei Lion Dance | Beyond The Pride Lion Dance Xhibition 2011

Rising Dragon Cultural Center’s Teng Fei Lion Dance Troupe was established in 2006. Initially, the group practiced the art of lion dance at the Lake Merritt Bart Station on weekend. As the group slowly began to expand with additional members, the group was granted access to practice in Lincoln Recreational Center located in Oakland Chinatown. To expand the culture and history of lion dance, the founders, Bryant Yu and Darren and his fellow lion dance enthusiasts will teach lion dance to dedicated and capable children (ages 6 and up). The group’s main emphasis is dedication, enthusiasm and enjoyment of lion dance.

Rising Phoenix Lion Dance | Beyond The Pride Lion Dance Xhibition 2011

Freestyle Generation Lion Dance Association was established on September 8, 2003 by a small group of friends who had passion for lion dancing. With hard work to earn money along with courteous donations from parents and store owners. We have now become Rising Phoenix Lion Dance Association, and have grown from a 9 man team into a 25+ man team. We consist of High School and Middle School students that have a passion for lion dancing. We come together every Friday and Sunday to practice the Hoksan style of lion dancing.

Gio Nam Mua Lan | Beyond The Pride Lion Dance Xhibition 2011

Located in Southern California, Gió Nam Mua Lan (Southern Wind Lion Dance) was originally founded as a fund raising group for the Vietnamese Student Association of the University of California, Irvine and performs throughout the Orange County area. Since then the team has developed new goals but we still dance for the love and fun of the art. Gió Nam hopes to create strong bonds, not only among our teammates, but with other lion dancing groups across the OC.